It is from these words by Rinaldo Carnielo, written on the wall of the Rinaldo Carnielo Museum in Savonarola square in Florence, Italy, that BULGANERI takes inspiration expressing artistry in the crafting of all of its products.


BULGANERI is based in Florence, Italy and has all the main features of a Made in Italy brand: quality, elegance, innovation, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

BULGANERI has an innovative aesthetic vision of traditional watchmaking: a watch must not only indicate the time, but convey an emotion for the wearer, and for this reason, each watch face is accompanied by a hand-crafted watch band, which demonstrates this unique ability to create true artisan watch-jewelry.

Each watch combine Italian design and Swiss gears, which guarantees cutting-edge technology, precision, reliability, and quality.



To the Swiss interior technology, BULGANERI has combined the Italian creativity and quality as demonstrated in its watch bands, which are all crafted by hand by master Tuscan artisans using traditional techniques.

The bands are all made of genuine leather and embellished with 925 sterling silver and semi-precious stones such as lapis lazuli, garnets, onyx and malachite.

Watchmaker Stewarts 3 .JPG

BULGANERI has succeeded in combining the contemporary with the traditional, the use of special materials with traditional objects, and is always in the pursuit of excellence and attention to detail for every object created.

In addition to the watch bands, also the packaging is hand-crafted and uniquely Made in Italy by master woodworkers. Each box has been engraved, painted and lacquered by hand.

The boxes that contain the watches are made of a very beautiful light wood (ash) which is a non-polluting material, a symbol of a circular economy and a renewable resource.


In 2021, to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri (Florence 1265 - Ravenna 1321) and pay tribute to his fellow citizens, BULGANERI has created a new collection of leather goods entirely manufactured in Tuscany.


The most important work of Dante Alighieri, a poet and the “father” of the modern-day Italian language, is the “Divine Comedy”, a poem in which he tells of his imaginary journey through the three kingdoms of the afterlife: Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise.Inspired by Dante’s imaginary journey, BULGANERI has created a leather collection consisting of 24/48-hour travel bags, unisex shoppers, and backpacks.

Each bag is accompanied by a “terzina” (three verses) from the “Divine Comedy”. Customers will find inside each product a booklet with the most important “terzine” and their paraphrases in Italian and English, to better understand the greatness of the Florentine poet.

Also with this collection, BULGANERI pays particular attention to respecting nature and the environment by using mainly bovine hides already destined to be used for the food industry and “vegetable” tanning practices.

As a result, this type of leather does not contain substances that are harmful to man and the environment. In “vegetable tanning”, the natural tannins of vegetable origins, such as chestnut, mimosa or quebracho wood are mainly used. There is no use of toxic substances, such as azoic dyes, nickel, and chromium.

The treated leather thus acquires an unmistakable appearance which, with the passage of time and with normal use, becomes even more beautiful and characteristic.