Bulganeri is based in Florence, and embraces all the key characteristics of Made in Italy: quality, elegance, innovation, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Bulganeri pays special attention to respecting nature and the environment, and in the past has always used vegetable-tanned leathers free of substances harmful to humans and the environment.

In recent years, Bulganeri has been paying increasing attention to the environment and the animal world by searching for environmentally friendly and animal-free fabrics for its production that respect the environment and animals while maintaining excellent end-product quality.

Since 2022, Bulganeri has decided to develop a new line of products made exclusively with animal free vegan fabrics.



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Today’s technology has succeeded in creating excellent vegan fabrics, and Bulganeri with its experience in this field has selected the best natural vegan material that looks as good as, if not better than, “animal skin”.

Thus, was born the new vegan line that, thanks to careful research, manages to preserve the high product quality that has always distinguished the Bulganeri brand

Bulganeri thus guarantees luxury products that, thanks to the materials used, become a more “sustainable” and above all “animal-free” and “animal-friendly” luxury.

Bulganeri thus succeeds in combining contemporaneity with tradition, the use of special materials with traditional objects, seeking excellence in all the details of the object created.

The Vegan fabric used is made in Italy, is Green Bio-based, non-polluting and of vegetable origin: it is FSC certified (International Product Specific Certification) and has obtained the USDA (Certificate for bio-based products).

The fabric is made from maize polyols from European NO Food and NO GMO cultivations.
Bulganeri has thus developed a new sustainable and aware luxury, using plant-based, animal-free and non-polluting fabric for all its products.



The entire Bulganeri production is made in Italy: both the in-house processing and external collaborators are in Italy, in Tuscany and mainly in the province of Florence where there is a great tradition of craftsmanship.

Every Bulganeri product is 100% Made in Italy.

For the packaging as well, Bulganeri uses natural, non-polluting and plastic-free materials that can be recycled with respect for the environment and the planet for a more sustainable future.

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